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  • Kevin Valliere

HG Zaku II Type C - "The Origin"

This third gunpla really showed off how much the newer kits can achieve. Instead of the three-ish plates I was used to, this one came with ten or so.

The build, however, was still quick and painless (minus a few issues with the gun-holding hand and the shield snapping together) and looks absolutely gorgeous. This was also my most cohesive attempt at detailing, outlined below.

The axe was hand-painted.


- black and grey gundam markers for panel-lining

- testors dullcote top coat

- pastel shading

- sponged acrylic paint (dark grey and silver) for weathering and chipping

- heated screw for battle damage

- hand-painted acrylics for axe glow

- final top coat

Brighter photo for more detail: